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Zwerm Eindhoven


Today is the official announcement of a major permanent interactive artwork by Frank Tjepkema to be installed in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Project has been developed in close collaboration with Philips and Heijmans. The artwork entitled Zwerm (meaning swarm in Dutch) will mimic the coordinated movement of for example a flock of sparrows and will be following different streams of traffic on and under the, to be built, Montgomery overpass (2019). Zwerm will be reacting to levels of activity in the direct surrounding of the sculpture in a subtle manner. The imposing scale (a continuous loop of over 200 meters) of this dynamic, interactive intervention (1400 LED lights), going above and under ground, connecting different flows of traffic, strives to maximise an integrated experience in the urban landscape. The work forms a continuation of light installations designed by Frank Tjepkema in the public domain started in 2014 with Light Bridge for the Amsterdam Light Festival.
"Swarms of birds, fish or insects moving in formation are the ultimate example of elegance, coordination and intelligence of movement in nature, something we seem to be aspiring towards through increasingly sophisticated and sustainable technology in our transportation systems" Frank Tjepkema
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Tjep. is looking for design students interested in internships in the field of interior design, product design and especially computational design (Rhino + Grasshopper).