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Dr. Alma Schoolwerktuin Entrance Gate


The Dr. Alma Schoolwerktuin is a working garden especially run by more than 500 children from grades 6 and 7 of elementary schools from around Amsterdam.

The children receive gardening and nature lessons. In addition, the children have their own piece of land on which they grow vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Situated in Amsterdam South, the garden lies close to the historic De Rieker Molen with its accompanying statue of Rembrandt, kneeling and sketching this windmill he was to later paint.

Commissioned by Stadsdeel Zuid, the Amsterdam South City Council, this unique project was to design an entrance gate on the main driveway to the garden. Tjep. were introduced to the project by Virtueel Museum Zuidas who are curators of the project.

This amazing area deserved a design that melded together the unique components of the context, whilst also meeting some strict functional needs.

Developed by Frank Tjepkema and ex-Tjepper Leonie Janssen, the final design concept was held in development for three years but has now been approved for the next stage.

The design builds on the amazing impact of this environment and brings together visual representations of the place and space, uniting elements of gardening, nature, the classical era and urban spaces. The most important functional requirement was that the gates would let all in, except those notorious plant criminals, bunny rabbits. When constructed, this entranceway will stand at eight meters wide and four meters tall and become a permanent fixture of this historic landmark. 


Tjep. is looking for design students interested in internships in the field of interior design, product design and especially computational design (Rhino + Grasshopper).