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Couture for your eyes / MTC features Tjep. jewelry


We’re very happy to see the Dutch lifestyle magazine, More Than Classic – MTC – has highlighted Tjep. in its current issue on Home Couture, in a special feature ‘For your eyes only’ on luxury jewelry, highlighting pieces from Tjep.’s collection alongside Bulgari, Louis Vitton and Cartier. MTC highlighted two items in particular, the sophisticated Clockwork Love and our modern Invader Collection.

“Whether it’s for special occasions or everyday pieces that are worn, jewelry has a symbolic meaning that only the wearer knows. MTC collects gems for everyone's imagination: from purely decorative to sometimes extremely functional.” MTC editorial.

Original article is in Dutch and hosted on our website for your delectation. 


Tjep. is looking for design students interested in internships in the field of interior design, product design and especially computational design (Rhino + Grasshopper).