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Tjep. Cubism presented by Wolf Gordon at Salone Del Mobile 2015


Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Via Matteo Bandello, 14-16, Milan, Italy / Space G5

An exclusive collaboration between Wolf Gordon and Tjep.

New York, NY -For the first time ever, American design company Wolf-Gordon will present a branded collection of products to an international audience at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, April 14-19, 2015. Wolf-Gordon and Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema of Tjep. will debut Tjep. Cubism, a collection of interior surfacing materials that includes four wallcoverings, an upholstery textile, and a sheer drapery textile. A playful reference to the early 20th century cultural phenomenon, Czech Cubism, this collection features a series of striking geometric patterns −“variations on a theme” − that use the cube as the point of departure.

“I chose the most fundamental architectural shape as a starting point for the new collection: the cube. From there, my challenge was to add poetry, creativity, and dynamics to the most formal architectural shape imaginable – an invitation to break away from formality and live to the fullest.” – Frank Tjepkema, principal of Tjep.

It is fitting that Wolf-Gordon make its international debut at the Salone and with Tjep. The company’s chief creative officer, Marybeth Shaw, first encountered the work of the Amsterdam-based Tjep. at the Salone in 2012, and determined that Tjep’s conceptual strength and sculptural patterning would make for an interesting application to Wolf-Gordon’s products. Tjep. and Wolf-Gordon Design Studio began working together in 2013. For Wolf-Gordon, this is also the first time that an exclusive design collection comprises items from three of its product categories: wallcovering, upholstery and drapery textiles.

The patterns are:

Basis upholstery textile:

Basis is the cube, the fundamental point of departure for the collection, repeated in a mosaic of colors and weave textures. Contents: 36% solution dyed nylon/33% rayon/31% cotton. Available in 12 colorways.

Metamorphosis textile wallcovering:

Metamorphosis presents the process of structural development, from emptiness to a form, and vice versa. Contents: 39% polyester/61% olefin. Available in 10 colorways.

Osmosis type II vinyl wallcovering:

Osmosis is a large-scale pattern that reveals the gradual process of transformation and assimilation of the cube, from 2-D to 3D, and enhanced by an ombre tone behind the primary pattern. Available in 9 colorways.

Connections type II vinyl wallcovering:

Connections is a dense network of disconnected lines defining space and pattern. Available in 12 colorways.

Fragmentation sheer drapery textile:

Fragmentation moves from a regular column of cubes to a scattered, light-filled array of the cube’s planar components. Contents: 100% Trevira CS5. Available in 5 colorways.

Baroque digital print wallcovering:

Baroque is a study in a traditional damask and more contemporary, cube-based geometric cohabiting a pattern. Available in infinite colorways based on customer’s color preferences. Tjep. has selected a mylar substrate to print Baroque in the Milan exhibition.Tjep.Cubism is a collection of interior surfacing materials which use the cube as a starting point.

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About Spazio Rossana Orlandi

Spazio Rossana Orlandi opened in 2002 in a former tie factory in the Magenta Neighbourhood. The spaces wind around a green courtyard and are divided between different floor levels. Here one can find contemporary and vintage furniture, and of course the famou gallery, which was established in 2008. A space dedicated to limited editions and unique pieces. Since the start, the aim of Rossana and her team was to forecast and promote designers they truly believe in.



Tjep. is looking for design students interested in internships in the field of interior design, product design and especially computational design (Rhino + Grasshopper).