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Powers of Materials


GENK/HASSELT - ?Powers of Materials? shows the pioneering work of twelve designers: from Maarten Van Severen to Roel Vandebeek, and from Xavier Lust to Piet Stockmans. Designers who make a difference, both in material use or application, and in shape of design. Just as the Eames couple were pioneers with their use of plywood and plastic, in Powers of Materials, so too do these twelve designers show the way to the future. Member of the Limburg Provincial Executive for Culture, Igor Philtjens: ?This vision, in which creative thinking and flexible processes converge, forms the creative conceptual model that we gladly apply in Limburg?.

In the wake of the major Eames exhibition in C-mine Genk, the Powers of Materials expo presents an intriguing exhibition revolving around formal technological and material innovations in design, from 10 February to 28 May in the Piet Stockmans Studio. Curator Karen Wuytens obtained her Ph.D degree in 2014 with research into design modelling and processes for jewellery and objects. Together with Culture Platform Design, she selected twelve designers who have carried out trail-blazing work in materials and production processing, as well as design. Igor Philtjens: ?Designers innovate and inspire. They succeed as no others in dealing creatively with restrictions,
limitations of material or a particular process, and yet still push boundaries. It is thanks to their creative thinking and resourcefulness that designers achieve success in innovating. What is more, it does not get bogged down in an experimental phase. Powers of Materials presents work that effectively influences, or makes a difference,
in the commercial market.?
Powers of Materials focuses on pioneering design in detail, but also takes a broader perspective. In an accessible way, the exhibition zooms in on the turning points in the work of progressive designers: Peter Donders, Martine Gyselbrecht, Chris Kabel, Xavier Lust, Piet Stockmans, Frank Tjepkema, Roel Vandebeek, Dirk Vander
Kooij, Billie Van Nieuwenhuyzen, James Van Vossel, Hubert - Tamawa - Verstraeten and Maarten Van Severen. The exhibition is held just 200 metres from ?The World of Charles and Ray Eames?, and admission is free.
The exhibition has an extra educational section for little visitors to explore with their parents or grandparents.
18.02.2017 to 28.05.2017
Tues ? Sun from 10.00 to 17.00
Closing event on sunday 28 May 2017
from 10.00 to 12.00
Location: Studio Pieter Stockmans, C-mine 100, Genk


Tjep. is looking for design students interested in internships in the field of interior design, product design and especially computational design (Rhino + Grasshopper).