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Bronze Age meets Gold Age, Palazzo di Fraternita dei Laici, Azzero


Gold is the trend today. Not only because it is synonymous with luxury, but as an interesting material and color that can be used with irony, joy, and to add a new perspective to everyday objects. Designers which before ignored gold, today are giving it a whole new interpretation.  Some objects that have been little considered in another color, achieved success when they appear in gold. This is Gold Design and a subject of a new exhibition, hosted in Arezzo: the Italian city of gold.

Appearing in the exhibition is Tjep.'s Bronze Age collection.

Curated by: Valerio Castelli and Caterina Mosca, Mosca Partners
Scenography: Paola Navone
Organisation: Laura Carlini

Palazzo di Fraternita dei Laici
Piazza Grande | Arezzo

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Tjep. is looking for design students interested in internships in the field of interior design, product design and especially computational design (Rhino + Grasshopper).