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You have designed a building of unprecedented beauty, the open character, the colors, the architecture, made with so much craftsmanship and love, for me, all of this expresses the dignity of being a farmer, he deserves a beautiful and dignified place to trade his product. The attention to design expresses the pride of being a farmer and the crucial role he plays in our society.

Nico Roozen - Founder Solidaridad about Village Market

Tjep. nominated for the international Yacht & Aviation Award 2018

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A solar tree on the roof helps cater towards the facilities energy requirements...

CNN about Isol

The underlying architectural concept [of Isolée] opens up new frontiers in residential design.

Frame magazine

Call him the poet of contemporary design.


I've been a fan of his work for years now. What I love most is the fact he's always going against the grain.