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Tjep. distinguished with the prestigious Designblok Editors Choice Award 2014

Prague Designblok

Tjep. shortlisted company in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015

The International Yacht and Aviation Awards

A solar tree on the roof helps cater towards the facilities energy requirements...

CNN about Isolée

A mindboggling collection you shouldn't miss. Correction mustn't miss. Frank Tjepkema knows how to seduce, so enjoy your flight and don't forget to look up.

Ventura Lambrate Newspaper

Heavily known for their interior design and architecture work, Amsterdam creative studio Tjep. has applied its attention for detail and vivid imagination to the world of jewelry.


Tjepkema and Wolthuis seem to have tapped into a new way of humanizing data [...] and use it to create something beautiful and practical.

WIRED Magazine

The underlying architectural concept [of Isolée] opens up new frontiers in residential design.

Frame magazine

Call him the poet of contemporary design.


I've been a fan of his work for years now. What I love most is the fact he's always going against the grain.